About Us

A family team, we produce all of our products in the UK. We only use the best ingredients. All our candles and melts have undergone months of extensive testing and refining, from developing our own custom blend of waxes to the fragrance we use. 


We love to travel and experience new cultures. Making and capturing memories is so important to us. It was on our first trip to Dubai in 2013, we stumbled upon a scent that can, in an instant, take us straight back to that magical holiday.


It was there, in a hotel lobby in Dubai, that our passion for scent and the powerful role it plays evoking our memories and emotions was borne. These days, the smell of sweet oud is forever in our hallway, greeting you as you cross the threshold.

 We also have a passionate interest in wellness and a holistic approach to health. Taking time out for yourself, or creating a calming environment, is an important part of living a balanced life. 

Candles have long been a bit of an obsession in our house, and it is rare that you'll find one of us home and a candle not on. What was once the candle drawer quickly grew into the candle cupboard. 


We started to make candles initially for ourselves, and then as word spread family and friends would soon be passing along requests - either for themselves or for gifts. Whenever we handed over one of our candles, the response was the same - you should share this.. And Aurelius was born.